We are fully Insured, FAA Certified sUAS pilots. Air Mavrix puts safety first and requires all pilots and V.O.'s  to abide by all FAA regulations at all times. Air Mavrix holds multiple waivers such as Daylight operations (§107.29) which grants us night time operations. We have also obtained many Airspace Authorizations enabling flight in high traffic areas. We require P.P.E. at all times during operations and maintain contact with ATCT at all times. 

14 CFR PART 107 Certified UAS Pilot.

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OSHA Certified

Most accidents that occur on the job are fall related and require a competent person or persons to ensure that all work performed meets or exceeds OSHA standards. We proudly obtain and update our OSHA 30 certification regularly, amongst other certifications. Air Mavrix acquires any other training needed to safely operate any and all equipment needed. 

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Certified Thermographer

Infrared Thermography is the collection and analysis of radiated electromagnetic energy in the infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum using our state of the art thermal infrared imaging device. We have logged and conducted countless hours of IR Thermography. Air Mavrix LLC. holds a level one certificate in Thermography which exceeds the ASNT standards.

"You get what you INSPECT not expect."



We operate under the Transportation Worker Identification Credential also know as TWIC card, which is required by the Maritime Transportation Security Act for workers who need access to secure areas of the nation’s maritime facilities and vessels. We pride ourselves on our commitment to safety. Our top priority is to create a safe and efficient workplace where there is no accidents, injuries or losses. 

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