Air Mavrix LLC.

Air Mavrix is an Aerial Infrared Thermography & Asset Inspection service that utilizes custom airframes to provide unmatched real-world actionable data. With a long history in the Oil & Gas Industry, we bring years of  experience and knowledge that has helped shaped the way we apply our cutting-edge technology & hardware. With this combination of technology and our experience, we can collect the necessary data for Infrared Thermography inspections, condition monitoring, NDT, topography maps, 2D & 3D models, and data analytics for many other types of inspections by using state of the art sensors. 


We focus on a customized and comprehensive approach to applying aerial IRT by looking at your core needs, best practices and methodology to deliver accurate qualitative data. Delivering creative solutions and rich actionable data for all projects as well as inspections or site monitoring for multiple industries. We pride ourselves on establishing a safe work environment and collaborating with our clients to discuss the importance of safety and procedures we take to ensure that all operations are completed safely and efficiently.


TWIC (active) and OSHA certified, level 1 Certified Infrared Thermographer, Licensed part 107 FAA sUAS pilots, ISTC certified, and fully insured.